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Scotland shows why you should invest in renewable bonds

Scotland shows why you should invest in renewable bonds

If you want to invest in renewable bonds but hesitant to make a commitment,  it’s time you cast your gaze toward Scotland.

Scotland is one of our favourite examples when we discuss renewable bonds with potential investors. It leads the way in the industry. According to Niall Stuart, chief executive of Scottish Renewables, it has one key advantage“We have a great resource. It’s Scotland’s terrible weather.”

This is said tongue-in-cheek of course (we think). However, there’s little doubt that the country’s unique weather conditions make it a favourite when developing clean energy solutions. In fact, Scotland’s in a celebratory mood as it managed to power the entire nation on 7 August solely on renewable energy.

It joins a rare club with Portugal, Denmark and Costa Rica; the only other nations to achieve that feat.

Invest in renewable bonds and follow Scotland’s lead

It’s a convincing argument when looking to invest in renewable bonds. Scotland is set to be the rule rather than the exception in the future.

That day in August wasn’t a one-off for Scotland. Data shows they also had a remarkable September with wind turbines generating over 100% of its energy on two separate days. Wind energy over September would be enough to power 87% of Scotland’s homes, up 36% on September last year.

It not only shows that the capability is there to generate large amounts of electricity through renewables. Technology is also being refined to capture more power and distribute it better – another trend to keep an eye on with renewable bonds.

Wind energy and sunlight can generate half of Scotland’s power on a consistent basis in less than 15 years, too. This is according to a recent report. It could also help the economy too, as the nation stores and looks to export green energy to other nations in the future.

Buying renewable bonds to grow your savings

Scotland shows why renewables such as wind are a fantastic investment to consider. This is especially pertinent bearing in mind the volatility being seen across the fossil fuels industry. Can Scotland, though, really generate so much energy from renewables on a consistent basis?

WWF Scotland believes so, saying that having a 50% renewables target for 2030 is both ‘necessary and achievable’. The energy it’s producing also needs to go into other sectors, according to director Lang Banks.

“Scotland is already seeing the economic and social benefits of shifting our electricity system to clean, climate-friendly, renewables generation. However, with electricity accounting for just one quarter of our energy use, it’s time to begin to reap the same benefits by increasing the use of renewables in our heat and transport sectors.”

Wind especially is one of the more popular ways for individuals to invest in renewable bonds. Renewable bonds in the wind sector are a potentially lucrative opportunity. In fact, the right bonds can provide investors with potential fixed returns of 10% with entry levels starting at £10,000.

Buying renewable bonds can take advantage of potentially high returns. Investors can enter the market with low entry-level fees over a fixed term. Contact Amyma’s renewable investment specialists today to find out more.