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Here at Amyma, we keep our finger on the pulse of the best high risk, high return investments opportunities UK so we can offer our clients information on where they can best place their funds. We can introduce you to investments opportunities UK taking into account a wide range of parameters.

Yields and timeframes

Our investment opportunities UK have yields ranging from 6-12% and can also show growth of up to 1000%, over the course of 1-5 years.

Security features

We want to find you investments that offer great growth potential, but that doesn’t mean having no security in place. You can take out insurance to protect your investment, or you can invest in a securitisation, covered by a security trustee or asset backed security, so you can make sure to receive your investment back if your debtor goes into liquidation.

Investment structures

For equity investments, we look for companies through the government-based Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme and the Enterprise Investment Scheme. To qualify for investment through EIS or SEIS, a company needs to be small (250 employees or less and maximum gross assets of £15 million) and not listed on a major stock market.

The great benefit of investing through these schemes is that you receive income tax relief of 30% – so that’s 30% of whatever you’ve invested off your next tax bill.

We also search for organisations offering bonds, loans notes and debentures – investing in debt, often with government.


We use look at three types of investments: cash, ISAs and SIPs.

A cash investment is clear – an injection of financial capital into an organisation through equity or debt relief.

ISAs or individual savings accounts are exempt from both income tax and capital gains tax on the investment returns and there is no tax to pay on money that is withdrawn from the scheme either.

SIPs or Systematic Investment Plans are a way of making a consistent investment in a mutual fund at regular intervals (e.g. every week or month).


We cover a range of industries and if you have a particular passion you want to fund, we can help. This includes: property, technology, mining, finance, manufacturing, entertainment, ethical and humanitarian and renewable energy among others.