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Is Amyma FCA regulated?

Yes. Amyma Ltd is an Appointed Representative (FRN: 812731) of Equity For Growth (Securities) Limited (FRN:475953) which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Amyma does not provide financial advice, we recommend that clients should seek independent financial advice from a FCA authorised and regulated advisor. Please go to the following link for a list of available financial advisors in your area: https://www.unbiased.co.uk/

Do I pay you any fees to Amyma when I purchase an investment that they have introduced me to?

No. Amyma is paid a commission on your introduction by the investment provider sometime after you successfully complete on your investment with the investment provider Amyma has introduced you to.

Is Amyma responsible for the performance of my investment that Amyma has introduced me to?

No. Amyma acts only as the introducer and the investment opportunities we introduce to come from completely independent investment providers. The performance and responsibilities of the investments lie solely with the investment providers.

Can I come and meet my agent at Amyma?

Yes. All Amyma’s clients are encouraged to meet their introducing agent at least once. Amyma is based in the City of London and has an open door policy. Please just turn up or preferably book an appointment to ensure your agent is available when you turn up.

How are the investments introduced by Amyma so much higher yield than mainstream investments?

The investments that Amyma introduces clients to are categorised as high risk. Amongst other points, the following reasons apply:

  • investors are typically investing into one company which is higher risk compared to diversified investments;
  • the investments are often totally illiquid or have very low liquidity which makes them higher risk. This means that you are typically fixed into the investment for the duration of the term without the ability to get your capital back sooner if you need to;
  • the structure of the investments are often less structured than large funds and other investment structures that large financial institutions offer so there are less checks that are done before the investment is available and on an ongoing basis;
  • Some of the companies that you are investing into are new and have little to no track record which makes them high risk too.

These factors are often combined at the same time making the investment high risk.

How long has Amyma been running and can this be verified?

Amyma was incorporated by Mr Gavin Jamieson and Mr Jamieson is still the owner and one of the directors. Mr Harvey Knight was appointed as a second director in June 2016. Amyma’s accounts are up to date and filed at Companies House. Please use their free webcheck service and search for Amyma Limited, company number: 04069266.

How does Amyma decide on what investments it introduces to?

Amyma is always looking for good introductions for its clients and it is often approached by companies seeking investments to help them finding High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors who are interested in knowing about higher yield investments.  Amyma introduces to investments that are listed securities, portfolios managed by FCA regulated firms, or investments that have had their Information Memorandum (IM) signed off under section 21 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 by the FCA authorised and regulated firm. An IM is the document that is produced by a company seeking investment and  must contain all of the information about the company, investment opportunity, risks factors as well as security features and returns. All potential investors are encouraged to read IMs before making an investment decision.

We also perform our internal basic due diligence on new investment opportunities and meet the people behind the investment opportunity.

Can I invest directly, without Amyma’s involvement?

Yes! Every investment is ultimately bought directly so as soon as you feel ready to invest, you can do so. Amyma has contracts with investment providers to be paid a commission after you complete your purchase.

Am I going to feel pressured to purchase once I am in Amyma’s database?

No. Once your agent has understood as much as possible about what you are looking for, you are only contacted from time to time to see if you are looking to make any investments. Amyma has been an introducing agent since July 2016 and we have never had any complaints. Amyma intends to continue this way.

If I am unhappy in any way with Amyma, how do I make a complaint?

We believe you deserve a courteous, fair and prompt service and we strive to treat all our customers fairly. If you feel something isn’t right or you wish to make a complaint then please let us know by emailing us at . If you would prefer to telephone or send us a letter then please use our details on our Contact page. If there is an occasion when our service does not meet your expectations please contact us to help us deal with your issue quickly and effectively.

How we deal with your complaint?

When we receive your complaint, and if we have been unable to resolve it within 3 business days, we shall write to you to acknowledge receipt via email or if the complaint was by letter, the reply will be sent by first class post. We will investigate your complaint competently, diligently and impartially, obtaining additional information as necessary. We shall keep you informed of progress and do our best to resolve matters to your satisfaction within 8 weeks. We shall decide whether the complaint should be upheld and what remedial action or redress (or both) may be appropriate. We shall explain to you promptly and, in a way that is fair, clear and not misleading, our assessment of your complaint, our decision on it, and any offer of remedial action or redress.

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