About Us

Introducing Amyma

Amyma introduces clients to financial product and service providers. Different products and services will be clear to suit your demands more than others and we employ a simple process to help us both discover these in the fastest way possible.

We take extraordinary care selecting the financial products and services we introduce to. We perform preliminary and ongoing due diligence on all opportunities we are introducing to.

Amyma’s core values revolve around trust, connectivity and most importantly, transparency. Our transparent nature allows us to be open with our clients and the more our clients share with us, the better the financial opportunities ultimately introduced, seem to fit.

Our experienced introducing team have helped bring new revenue streams to people and assisted the funding of several companies and funds grow as a result.

We are open to working with everybody at Amyma, whether they experienced investment professionals looking for new opportunities, or people new to investing who want to see their money grow in ethical ways and in the sectors they are interested in.

Why choose Amyma?

  • We’re always available – Our team can work with clients in different ways including phone, via email, web conferences, face-to-face and other methods
  • Personal support – When working with Amyma clients are given their own relationship manager who will give them a first-degree level of professional service
  • Working together – It’s not us or them; we work with people in a transparent way to best understand their needs and build a personal relationship as time goes on
  • We protect interests – People’s data is safe with us and will strictly be used by us to find clients the very best financial opportunities on the market
  • The right match – We won’t throw any opportunity at clients and hope it hits, and will only pair clients with potential products that fit their requirements